Esprida provides a broad range of IoT services that use the power of the cloud to help you solve your challenging business problems. Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of IoT, from building connected devices or integrating sensors into existing systems to developing cloud-based IoT platforms, data analytics, visualization, security and application development.

IoT Consulting

Our technical consultants and software architects can tailor a solution to your business objectives with a full-range IoT consulting services including: 

  • Creating an IoT strategy with short and long-term goals
  • Understanding the impact of IoT on your existing business processes
  • Identifying the data you need to achieve your business objectives
  • Developing a roadmap of IoT projects
  • Identifying the right technology stack for your needs
  • IoT architecture design
  • Developing a cyber security strategy

IoT Implementation

We help our clients build IoT solutions from small prototypes to full production-grade IoT systems without impacting your existing resources. We can support you with:

  • Engineering custom connected devices
  • Retrofitting sensors on existing systems
  • Technology stack selection
  • IoT architecture design
  • Ingesting data from devices or distributed software platforms
  • IoT security
  • Custom web and mobile application development
  • Application launch and user training

IoT Analytics

We help our clients extract actionable insights from their IoT data and data from other platforms with comprehensive IoT analytics services such as:

  • Analytics needs analysis
  • Ingestion of data from other software platforms
  • Data visualization through insightful dashboards and reports
  • Trend analysis
  • Predictive maintenance using machine learning