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Our Industry 4.0-ready solutions help production managers improve many operational KPIs every day.

Industry 4.0 Software Platform
that helps manufacturers improve profitability

Visualize your digital factory

Empower employees by providing feedback if jobs are on track right now, in real- time!

Real-time Notification

Operators and Team Leads get real-time notifications if they are on track.

Improve visibility, reduce costs

Esprida helps identify the 20% of problems cause 80% of the disruptions.

Reducing Unplanned Downtime

Get better tools to analyze downtime trends by category and isolate root cause issues.

Production managers are looking for ways continuously improve

  • Reduce Changeover Time
  • Maximize Utilization
  • Reduce Reject Rates & Rework
  • Machine Run Time
  • Improve Quality
  • Reduce Downtime

The challenge is to look at all information at once rather than in isolation, and make a plan with the biggest impact.

Decrease Costs

Keeping close scrutiny on raw materials, yields, and other costs as it’s the main reason for losing contracts. Market leaders are monitor operations costs in real-time to respond quickly to quality issues.

Increase Throughput

Production time is lost when machines are running products at suboptimal speeds, or started late resulting in missed production targets and lost output that cost manufacturers millions.

Reduce Materials Costs

Plants waste millions of dollars in compound and scrap every year due to variation and imprecise specifications.

“Many production managers are too busy solving everyday problems that slows them down from taking a larger view of operations, and implement improvements that will address root cause issues.”

Alex Rhoades, COO General Lattice

Its simple, and easy to use.

A real-time dashboard of your operations and will help you identify the 20% of problems that cause 80% of cost over-runs.

You don’t need to change any of your equipment or processes.

Expect Benefits of up to 29%

(Based on IDC Research)

At Esprida, we take a machine centric approach to give you operational insights you can’t get from your ERP system.

By collecting equipment from your machines and operators we can track different types of downtime, operator differences and break down cycle time into its components.

  • Real-time OEE Alerts & Availability 2-5%

  • Identify Bottlenecks Faster

  • Reduce Setup Times

  • Operator Productivity Increases 1-10%

  • Reduce Downtime 3-8%

  • Reduce cost and waste

  • Minimize Unproductive labor

  • Reduce Unplanned downtime

  • Preventative Maintenance 1-2%

  • Minimize Rejects 2-4%


Take my savings potential quiz and get a custom report based on your unique operation, and discover how to start saving money, and improving your operations with better data and better analysis — in as little as an hour.

“We need to pick up and catch people where they are, in their environment, with their problems, with their specific needs and out of that, solve these issues with the help of digitalization and digital tools.”

Sebastian Schumann, Siemens Berlin Factory

Use Cases

Drive better decisions by arming workers with real-time insights in the office and on the factory floor.

Generate performance insights and drive operational excellence by connecting assets

Detect defects and solve production problems in real-time by using AI to create systems of intelligence.

Connect people with data and insights by harnessing the power of intelligent operational technology and IT.

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