How Weather Sensors Help Farmers

Farmers are known to be hard workers, but many people don’t realize the amount of analysis that goes into running a successful farm. In order to produce the best yield and quality for their crops, there are many variables farmers have to take into account, such as soil moisture, temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction. That’s where weather sensors come in.

Weather Sensors can help farmers make better decisions faster

Thanks to the readings of weather sensors, farmers now have far more accurate information and can make better informed decisions and faster than ever before. For example, ConnectedCrops will send an alert when temperature around a farmer’s crops has dropped (for example in the Fruiting Zone for wineries), giving them heads-up that they should start their fans to circulate warm air. They can also use the app to look at the wind speed and direction on their farm, and spray their fields accordingly.

Soil moisture is very important for farmers, as it helps them understand what amount of irrigation, if any, to use. Agricultural weather sensors can help them read soil moisture accurately, allowing them to know the exact amount of irrigation to apply.

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The problem with Weather Stations

Many people point to standardized weather stations as being a source of good information for farmers. In fact, many farmers currently do use weather stations to help them get better readings on local conditions. These are not as useful as weather sensors however, as many times weather stations don’t have the ideal placement to get an accurate reading. They are sometimes as far as 5-10KM away.

ConnectedCrops is the ideal weather sensors solution

Weather sensors are normally connected to a central system that gathers information from all the connected parts. Ideally, you want sensors to be connected through the internet by way of Wi-Fi. Sometimes however that connection is done through a cellular or radio connection, if the farm doesn’t have the Wi-Fi access.

ConnectedCrops is an upcoming IoT solution that can work directly with these weather sensors, allowing farmers to monitor all this information through an easy-to-read dashboard and threshold alerts . Weather sensors are connected to a processing module that transmits the information to the central system. ConnectedCrops is that central system, and uses a microprocessor to transmit the data. Gathering the information from all the connected weather sensors, it gathers all the data in a database and does its own analysis. It projects the data in different ways to help the grower or farmer access the information and make better decisions with it in mind.

As you can see, weather sensors can help farmers produce more, higher quality crops. Using ConnectedCrops is a great way to make the most of that technology. Stay tuned to our site for updates on its release date!

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