Customer Lifecycle Management for IoT Products

Anticipating all future use cases for your IoT product can be a daunting task. However, it is important to get it right to plan your product development activities. This article will describe the product lifecycle for IoT products which will make planning much much easier.

Fundraising for IoT 101

So you have a new Smart Connected Product Idea and are looking to raise venture capital (VCs). This article summarizes some of the basics you should think about.   This article provides a VC’s viewpoint, based on an interview with Philippe Cases, who has made over 150 investments. He provides his insights on how he […]

How to create pricing models for smart connected products?

In this article, we describe the best tools (hardware platform, and software platforms) and methods “The new Lean IoT Methodology” that explains the fastest approach to get to the field trial stage, and also leverage that design when you are ready for a large scale roll out.

M2M Solution for Digital Signage in Boston Metro

M2M and digital signage…not often thought as a M2M deployment, signage is changing.  Of course, there are thousands of signage deployments, from video walls at the shopping malls to corporate communications.  But, signage has evolved – just think about the billboards on the side of the highway or the video wall in Times Square.  And, […]

Michigan Leverages M2M to Expand

Esprida pioneered the M2M revolution. Once again, one of its long-time clients is using Esprida LiveControl to expand its offering. The State of Michigan announced it is adding its DMV self-service terminals to Meijer stores across Michigan for vehicle license registration and renewal services. Leveraging the device management capabilities brought by Esprida, the State is […]