Shopfloor Pulse helps manufacturers respond to COVID-19

Toronto, Jun. 12 2020 – COVID-19 has had a big impact on manufacturer’s operations, increasing costs and reducing output. The majority of manufacturers during COVID-19 are experiencing a slow period with fewer orders and reduced staff. Now is a rare situation when manufacturers have resources available to implement improvements.

The silver lining is that COVID-19 has created a great opportunity for leadership to work on getting leaner, faster, and smarter.  The latest release of ShopFloor Pulse AI engine helps quantify how much faster manufacturers can get.  It identifies the individual parts with the greatest opportunity and provides guidance on which production activities should be improved.

In this un-precedented-time, Production Managers are further challenged because outside experts can’t enter into their factories.  To overcome this limitation, Esprida has designed and developed a remote installation process to enable contactless installation and support of factory performance monitoring solution.  With the contactless approach, Production Managers are able to implement real-time machine monitoring during a slow period when it is most convenient.

Production managers have also been challenged when analyzing reports from MES and ERP systems, one comment we’ve heard is that there are too many reports, and not enough information.  One underlying issue is that ERP reports rely on user input and planned data rather than actual data from the machine equipment itself; the reports are often a week late, contains bias and gaps in the data.  “We saw a great opportunity to help manufacturers extract data from machines and give them real-time, unbiased dashboards and historical analysis reports,” says Asad Jobanputra, Director of IoT solutions.

We developed an AI engine that analyzes simple machine events in real-time to provide meaningful information for manufacturing leadership. “We’ve been using ShopFloor Pulse and for the first time, we’ve had real-time actual data about part cycle times, and operators know if they are on-track without having a supervisor looking over their shoulder.”  One client reported, “The cost-savings opportunity is huge for us”.

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