Redefining Service and Support with Remote Management

As a great man once said, “The times they are a changin” This statement could not be more accurate in depicting the world we live in today.  We live in a communication age where information is easily accessible and can be transmitted instantly through connected devices. Gone are the days where news feeds and reports are broadcasted over regular television. Other forms of media have staked their claim in defining how information is displayed and communicated.  Nowadays, breaking news feeds are available in full video on YouTube rather than the morning news.

People expect businesses to be connected to the internet, to the cloud, to your suppliers, across all divisions etc.  When IT uptime of 99.999% is average, device downtime is no longer tolerated. Customers demand fast, effective, even proactive service and support. In many industries, customers expect everyone else to take on more responsibility for the routine operation and performance of the systems that they have sold or leased to them—the same applies to third-party systems.

Within many companies, service and support organizations need to deploy costly global service personnel to support a global customer base. They are charged with delivering improved productivity to support continually increasing numbers of products and locations with the same sized staff. They are under pressure to reduce costs, while meeting higher expectations. Many companies in various industries are successfully achieving these goals through a new generation of high-value, on-demand remote management software solutions.

Remote Network Management enables:

  • Product manufacturers to provide a new generation of high-value remote services
  • Service companies’ tools to become proactive and increase efficiency and provides operators and location owners’ ways to reduce costs and measure performance in real time.

Businesses can maximize the value of the products they sell through services that increase uptime, streamline operations, and reduce cost of ownership. Companies benefit from increased revenue through product differentiation and higher value service contracts—all delivered at lower cost through remote management.


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