Questions to Ask Before Using for your Kiosks – Part Two

In our last article, we talked about what questions you should ask before using for your kiosks. Here are a few more good ones to ask their support staff:

Do you want to control how content gets sent to your machines?

Sometimes you need to schedule when software distribution is moved, installed, and activated. You might have certain time constraints and want to be in charge of when the software is downloaded, installed and run. This is important because it allows you to be in charge of software delivery, enabling your company to adjust how it distributes content depending on what’s ideal for customers. Ask can give you the capability of controlling how your software gets delivered to your machines.

Does your support team need a quick multi-status snapshot of what is or is not working?

Whether your software is online or not, you want to know the status of all your machines. A quick status snapshot of the conditions of each machine can let you know which ones are pulling their weight and which ones require assistance. You can diagnose issues and remotely fix them if the status is readily available. See if you can still see a multiple status snapshot of your kiosk or digital signage machine using, even if the software is offline.

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Do you need to know status of USB devices?

Many kiosks use USB ports. With photo kiosks for example, customers not being able to upload their photos through a USB stick due to a port malfunction is an issue that decreases potential revenue. Knowing the status of your USB ports and devices can help you spot those issues immediately, fixing them before they take too much money out of your pocket. See if allows you to know the status of your connected USB devices.

Do you need to manage peripherals?

While it’s important to know the status of your actual machines to configure potential issues, sometimes that’s not enough as they aren’t always the source of the problem. You need alerts set up to let you know about connectivity issues related to the other peripherals that help the system run. If the computer is fine but the display is out of order, you need remote monitoring software that will let you know that specific detail. Ask if has alerts and notifications for when peripherals are out of order.


As you can tell, there are many features you need to look for in your remote monitoring software. There are some issues that will come up that don’t seem intuitive, so you have to dig a little deeper to make sure your software is equipped for them. You need a tool that will cover all your bases. Look into these features that make up a great remote monitoring software package, and see if you can implement them with the help of


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