Questions to Ask Before Looking at for your Kiosks – Part One

Technology has given us many tools to solve traditional business problems. Sometimes that choice can be overwhelming, as there are hundreds of different types of software one can use to implement any solution. Making the right choice depends on understanding what issues may pop up.

An example of a product where there are issues that could use a software solution are digital signage machines and/or kiosks. Working with clients who use standard IT and server monitoring tools to manage their kiosks and digital signage machines, we’re familiar with the kinds of problems they run into. Kiosks and digital signage machines are different from managing traditional workstations and servers. You’re usually on someone else’s network that you don’t have control over, and you don’t always have a technician on call to diagnose and fix the problem.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use remote monitoring software. However, sometimes it’s tough to decide between different brands. They all seem the same, and the feature lists on their websites seem endless.

An example of a popular site that solves many of these IT problems in various scenarios is But do you know what you’re looking for in a site like that? Ask some of these important questions about and their remote monitoring software to see if it’s right for you:

Is your management team visual?

Standard remote monitoring software often doesn’t have a geographical view of your machines, so you can’t see their locations on a map. However, when managing kiosks, sometimes it’s important to see where they’re located geographically. If sales seem volatile and/or machines go down, it’s useful to quickly understand which retail store in which city to call. In addition, it can be nice for executives to show customers where the machines are being deployed in their region. Ask if has the ability to showcase the devices on a map.


Do your customers want all data to remain within their network?

Many remote monitoring software applications work through the cloud. This is the standard, but some companies still want an on-premise software option. On-premise software allows you to control all the data on your own networks and servers. While the cloud is secure, some people prefer the peace of mind of having everything handled in-house. The other flexibility with an on-premise option is that it supports multiple databases like MySQL, Oracle, etc.

Ask yourself if you want to your software to be on-premise and see if gives you that option.

Do you need integration with serial equipment?

RS-232 is a standard for serial communication that many companies use to connect to networked machines. These serial ports are standard on many older computers, so many digital signage machines and kiosks still use them. The ability to read and execute RS232 commands on displays for example is an important requirement in those cases. Think about whether or not you need RS232 capability for your machines, and see if can support it if you do.

Stay tuned for Part Two in this series on questions to ask before looking at for their kiosk services.

Questions to Ask Before Using for your Kiosks – Part Two

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