The Power of Digital Signage

With the advent of mobile devices and other digital technology, print is slowly becoming obsolete when it comes to mass communication. According to PQ Media, digital signage marketing in particular is the second fastest growing advertising medium in the world.

Moving from print to digital signage

Many insiders see the transition from print advertising to digital signage as inevitable. For one, the static content of traditional print is less eye-catching than the variation of bright and vibrant images used with digital ads. In addition, print advertising is more passive in its content delivery while digital signage adds sound and interactivity to better engage potential customers.

Digital signs use previously captured audience data to deploy targeted content based on demographics. Since digital signage can always be adjusted, they have the benefit of being able to display up-to-date promotions and content. That’s why they’re also more reusable than traditional print ads, which have a set shelf life.

Digital Signage

Expect rapid growth

Experts believe that the digital signage market is poised for rapid growth, and the stats bear this out. There is an 800% growth in ad revenue when out-of-home advertising uses digital signage as opposed to print media for advertising network operators, according to Manufacturing Resources International.

That increase in revenue reflects an effectiveness that extends to retailers as well. According to InfoTrends, digital signage increases overall sales volume by 31.8%. Customers get frustrated in stores due to waiting in long lines with nothing to do, looking for products that they can’t find or trying to get price checks. These are all disincentives in the buying channel that dissuade customers from getting to that final sale. Digital signage alleviates all of these problems, eliminating the barriers that stop customers from purchasing your products.

The benefits of digital signage to your business are staggering. With dynamic presentations and touch-sensitive screens that are always controlled by your head office, you have the power to constantly re-position your brand to increase your revenues. Create a better customer experience by using digital signage today.

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