IoT Application Enablement Platform

Our IoT platform includes the modules you need to securely collect machine data and integrate with software applications. The platform is designed to quickly build solutions using the Lean IoT Methodology.


LiveIntersect is an IoT platform that connects any physical product to the internet over any communication channel, and provides customers with visibility and control of your products. It enables specialized analysis and application development. It enables you to build:

  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Predictive Maintenance Algorithms
  • Mobile Apps to control your devices
  • Automate Help Desk workflow
  • Enable Remote Support
  • Publish usage data for hardware as a service
Build Products

IoT begins with your products that are connected. Create smart devices and build a full IoT solution by adding sensors.

Control your products

Deploy IoT solutions that control, monitor, and manage your products, allowing you to capture real-time data

Analyze data

Leverage the data you collect and apply advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning to uncover new business insights.

Act on insights

Transform insights into action through powerful applications – create new revenue and business opportunities.


Learn 9 ways IoT technology can increase revenue or save money

Lean IoT

Learn how to build IoT solutions faster and with fewer risks


Asset Management

Registration | Time-series data storage | Analytics | Multi-tenant


Build your own UI | Custom Portal | Charts | Graphs

LiveIntersect Agents

Embedded Agent | Microcontrollers | System-on-aChip


Data Visualization | Time- Series | Data Services

APIs and Developers Tools

Product Designer | REST Interfaces | Debugging Tools


Authorization | Authentication | Encryption | Privacy


White-labelling | On-Premise Hosting

Rules Engine

Real-time | Notifications| Dynamic rules logic


Service Oriented Architecture| Enterprise Serial Bus | Micro-services



LiveIntersect, our IoT application enablement platform has evolved over the past 15 years. We are maintaining the eighth generation of the platform after many rounds of scalability, security and modularity upgrades.


A Real-time monitoring of soil moisture status and temperature that helps growers significantly increase yields and quality of crops. When receiving immediate and timely information right to their smartphone, their decision-making at the field level moves to a whole new level of accuracy and effectiveness, aiding in risk aversion and ultimately increasing the ROI (Return on Investment).