Outsmart Your Boss: Take Advantage of Predictive Maintenance

Many companies are using predictive maintenance for their machines, switching from preventive maintenance. Predictive maintenance offers cost savings over preventative maintenance, as well as greater operational efficiency and less downtime. How do these things get accomplished?

Issues with preventative maintenance

Preventive maintenance is upkeep that is prompted by time elapsed and/or the occurrence of a certain event. For example, if you own a car, you know that it’s good maintenance to change the oil every 15-20,000 KM. Any machine part will deteriorate after a certain amount of usage, and preventive maintenance ensures that these parts will be changed or upgraded before they break down.

Predictive Maintenance Worker

However, a real concern with a preventive maintenance approach is that many variables aren’t taken into account when deciding the upkeep. By relying on a set time interval or problem to arise before performing maintenance, you ignore many variables related to the machine that indicate whether repair is really needed. Many repairs can be undertaken before they’re necessary, wasting both time and money. Also, many repairs might come up when it’s too late, decreasing the life of the machine.

Pick predictive maintenance

That’s why many industrial companies are switching to predictive maintenance services. Rather than go by a schedule that’s not tied into the overall usage of the machine, predictive maintenance attempts to correct failure before it happens by monitoring its standard operations all the time. Using tools to analyze performance and produce data, you can schedule maintenance only when needed.

Predictive Maintenance Field Workers

Preventive maintenance also works on its own schedule, so you have to work around it when dealing with your machinery. But predictive maintenance allows you to undertake repairs only when needed, allowing you to be flexible with your schedule. Through condition-based monitoring, it sends you notifications when it detects problems, keeping you up to date immediately. Many businesses enjoy the fact that repair can be scheduled at a time that doesn’t interfere with production.

Predictive maintenance can improve the lifespan, productivity and overall condition of the machine. By identifying issues through regular oversight, you are more accurate in what you’re fixing and when you fix it. Look into tools that support predictive maintenance services for your machines, and impress your boss.