M2M Solution for Digital Signage in Boston Metro

M2M and digital signage…not often thought as a M2M deployment, signage is changing.  Of course, there are thousands of signage deployments, from video walls at the shopping malls to corporate communications.  But, signage has evolved – just think about the billboards on the side of the highway or the video wall in Times Square.  And, using a M2M platform means it’s manageable and profitable.

Take, for example, the Titan Outdoor displays deployed installed in the subway platforms by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.  With an average of 1.3 million riders per day, Titan can drive revenue with advertising while providing riders with and important real-time transit content.  The ruggedized high-brightness display enclosures, made by Vertigo Digital Displays, contain an array of internal sensors measuring everything from fan speed to ambient light temperature to vandalism.  All of this is for naught without the Esprida M2M platform.  To ensure 24/7/365 operation in a harsh environment, Titan relies on Esprida to manage the entire system, covering everything from 4g connectivity to temperature to the content management system playing ads.

Using the Esprida self-healing features, Titan now automates technical fixes that it would normally have done with an on-site technician, resulting in significant cost-savings, increased uptime, and more ad impressions…the bottom line is that Titan can provide virtually uninterrupted advertising content, increasing its topline revenue, and by using the Esprida cloud, at a nominal annual fee.

With signage installations proliferating, a proven M2M platform to manage connected endpoints will help drive greater profitability and operational uptime.