How Esprida LiveControl provides remote monitoring without flooding your inbox

Sometimes remote monitoring software gets flooded with support ticket

A big nuisance when running a remote monitoring system is getting flooded with alert notifications and/or support tickets. If configured incorrectly, remote monitoring software can generate alerts or support tickets that don’t actually need to be investigated. Luckily, Esprida LiveControl can help lessen the workload.

If your remote monitoring software is configured incorrectly, here is how it can flood your employee inboxes, waste time, and hurt productivity:

  • False-positives: When there’s no problem but you get an alert anyway, wasting time investigating issues that don’t need resolving.
  • System-wide fault: if one integral component is down, it can cause other key components of the system to fail. This creates numerous support tickets when there’s really only one underlying issue.

Esprida LiveControl provides four tools to avoid these issues:screencheck

Limit by store hours
If your remotely monitored devices are out of operation between 5:00PM and 9:00AM every night, then you can set up the system to suppress all support tickets generated outside of business hours.

Limit by problem type
When monitoring your components or peripherals, you don’t need to be notified every time there is a slight problem.  For example, if you’re monitoring a kiosk printer, you can set it up so that you only get notifications when the paper/toner is low or empty, serious issues. When something like ‘door open’ or ‘printer disconnected’ happens, these quick and simple on-site fixes are ignored by Esprida LiveControl.

Limit using escalation time
Sometimes you can use escalation time for less serious issues that usually get fixed quickly. For example, when a cellular connection drops you don’t need an alert because it will eventually correct itself. If you know that someone on-site always notices when the printer is out of paper, then you can eliminate all notifications for an empty paper tray. This will eliminate a lot of support tickets.

Auto-close tickets
In our alert notification/management system, we provide a method to automatically close tickets. That way you won’t have to manually go in and close all the tickets yourself.

There are plenty of reasons why alert notifications can be overwhelming with remote monitoring software. But thanks to the features of Esprida LiveControl, you can enjoy all the benefits of remote management without any of the headaches!

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