Exciting new content features among many enhancements in Esprida LiveControl 7.8

Esprida is proud to announce the newest release of its flagship Internet of Things platform, Esprida LiveControl 7.8. It includes many new features in software distribution, mapping, search and agent modules. “We made some big wins in the Software Distribution area,” said Asad Jobanputra, who has helped deploy massive content roll outs. All new features are available immediately to cloud customers; on-premise customers will have to follow the migration paths to update and activate the new functionality.

Software Distribution Enhancements

Making it easier to send out content to thousands of devices has been a major priority for this release. There have been many ‘under the hood’ enhancements to make the distribution process faster and more reliable. You’ll notice some of these major new features right away.

Content Upload APIs

Developers can now automate software uploads to Esprida LiveControl using the REST-based API. If your developers are creating content packages to update firmware, software patches or even UI changes, they can now directly upload content packages to Esprida LiveControl as a content repository. This is helpful if you have QA, staging and production environments and you need the same package to be uploaded into multiple test environments. The content upload process is compatible with common build tools such as ant, maven, MS Build and Team Foundation Server.

Redesigned Content Upload

The upload process for content has now become easier than ever. The redesign enables users to drag-and-drop zip files to content packages directly into the browser. This is easier compared to the older java applet upload mechanism which is known to be incompatible with Chrome’s policy change on NPAPI support.

Live Control Server

Managing Content Distribution Better

Managing content distribution failures can be challenging, especially if you have large networks and are dealing with unpredictable networks outside of your control. It also doesn’t help when you have techs that occasionally re-install old firmware versions while onsite.

You may have faced a scenario when someone on-site uninstalls a software component or module from the endpoint device, and repairing the situation is difficult. The updated retry distribution feature has been redesigned specifically to handle these scenarios. The system will now allow you to (as needed) re-download, re-install and re-activate a content package with a single click.

When terabytes of data are being transferred, knowing additional details about exactly how many items are in the distribution schedule is important and now easier. Existing content distribution screens have been enhanced to show more precise information with fewer clicks. This helps users who are scheduling work package releases, transferring terabytes of data, or are transferring data over a wide and complex network.

Maps Feature for Everyone

Mapping feature 7.8 kiosks online

The mapping feature is an effective tool for CEOs and managers to demonstrate to clients and prospects a level of control and supervision that surpasses the competition. This feature provides users with an ‘up to the minute’ level of management for all networked devices. The addition of mapping instantly shows market penetration, and visually identifies issues for immediate attention.

Windows 10

WIndows Logo

Microsoft Windows™ 10 came out with a recent update that is proving to be a stable, reliable platform for kiosks and digital signage around world, ousting Microsoft Windows 7 from this spot. Esprida LiveControl now supports Windows 10 and enables all endpoint management controls through the same great Esprida LiveControl interface.

Search Update

Search devices have been a long standing feature but in version 7.8 it’s been optimized, making it easier and faster to find a specific device on your network.

Live Control Search Bar

The new search field does not require any special syntax or specialized symbols. Simply type in any terms and matching objects within any modules, and devices, content packages, users, reports, or profiles will pop up immediately.

To learn more about this release or how to use any of these features, you can reach out to sales@esprida.com or call 905-629-0455.

Esprida LiveControl™ – best-in-class Internet of Things (IoT) Solution, has been established for over a decade offering a M2M communications platform for distributed endpoint devices. Esprida LiveControl ™ offers a complete end-to-end solution to Manage and Monitor devices and applications running on the device, together with attached peripherals.

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