The Importance of Temperature Alerts in Agriculture

For years, farmers and other agricultural managers have wanted real time temperature alerts in particular areas of their fields. Every farm is different with its own unique terrain, meaning each farm is impacted differently by the weather.

Temperature alerts when you need them

Waking up every hour of the night for temperature readings in an area away from your farm doesn’t optimize time or guarantee crop safety, since you can’t be sure of their accuracy. Esprida’s ConnectedCrops eliminates this headache with a real-time Temperature Alert feature that gives you readings directly from your farm. This way, you only get alerts when you need them and can be confident in their accuracy.

Temperature alerts save you money

Over the past few months, Esprida’s Taylor Thornhill has surveyed and researched the grape growers and farmers in the Niagara Region. He has come to realize that key decision-makers are responsible for monitoring and combatting the harsh, unpredictable weather conditions of Ontario. Current methods being utilized are not optimizing time and allowing for too much risk.

If alerts were made available throughout the Winter of 2014-2015, individual growers would have saved thousands of dollars with Ontario as a whole saving in the millions. Personal weather stations that collect and store data to provide temperature alerts in real time is a solution that has resonated with farmers and grape growers.

ConnectedCrops Temperature Alerts

Esprida is a pioneer in temperature alerts

Esprida have been pioneers in device management for over 14 years, and the newest version of their software is geared towards helping the growers and farmers of Ontario literally sleep at night. While Esprida’s weather stations have the ability of checking temperature, soil moisture, humidity and other important agricultural metrics every 15, 30, or 60 minutes, the system allows you to input a rule or a threshold. When a threshold is hit, the system triggers an alert which then sends an email or text message to the individual or individuals that need to be notified. This allows them to take action on their farm.

Alert messages can be customized to say anything, such as “Temperature at weather station 1 is 2C at the fruiting zone”. Currently, at one location, stations are deployed at 10m, 8m, 2m and 1m, all programmed to provide a temperature alert when specific weather conditions are met. This allows the user to know which wind machines to turn on and when to do so. It has also shown which areas in their crops are more sensitive than others.

As you can tell, temperature alerts have many benefits for fruit growers and other farmers. It can make their lives easier while reducing the risk of losing crops. Temperature alerts assist in dealing with the harsh weather conditions in their local environment. Look into how weather sensors can help increase your farm’s production.

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