“How to Start Internet of Things Projects” with Asad at Canadian Wireless Tradeshow


Learn more about “How to Start Internet of Things Projects” with Asad Jobanputra, Director of IoT Solutions, Esprida.

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The internet of things, it is getting a lot of marketing buzz as this kind of technology becomes available to consumer market. Recent product launches like Nest, Fitbit, Glucose Monitoring, have been quite successful and well adopted. I will demystify how those solutions come together, provide some commercial examples, and show you how to take advantage of these technologies. I’m going to talk about (1) what we do, (2) provide a customer stories, (3) what ROI’s they’ve been able to accomplish, and (4) how to get started with this type of technology. Esprida is a software company, we develop a standard product that runs on specialized embedded environments and provide the ability to centralized manage and control these machines. To date, we currently have about 200,000 devices and peripherals under management and are deployed in over 20+ countries around the world.

Asad Jobanputra
Director of IoT Solutions

Business Cases for IoT Projects (Video)

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