How to start a conversation about Continuous Improvement Tools

There are a lot of benefits for any manufacturers to implement additional process improvement tools. There is a log of new technology available today from Kaizen, Advanced ERP reports, to Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, statistical analysis tools and more. ShopFloorPulse is one very good option (amongst many) you should take a closer look.

Our approach for continual improvement is very simple: provide visibility and synthesis of what actually happened on the factory floor, directly from objective machine data. The goal is to enable operators, shift supervisors, production managers, plant managers to:

  1. Improve output with real-time monitoring of operator and machine performance
  2. Reduce downtime costs by responding to issues faster, leveraging real-time machine notifications
  3. Uncover performance improvement opportunities with data analysis
  4. Prevent downtime with downtime root cause analysis
  5. Provide supervisors tools to track effectiveness of performance improvement projects

You want to introduce these ideas in the most effective way possible. It would be a loss to pitch continual improvement program and have it shot down, makes it that much harder the next time.

We suggest you prepare by presenting continual improvement tools are like any other investment.

Any continual improvement tools are an investment of dollars, time and training for a potential outcome, and come with particular risks. As an initial step, just to gauge the level of interest we have prepared a short presentation that you can modify and adapt to your organization.

Download Presentation to Introduce Investment in Continual Improvement Tool.

In challenging times, the organization needs to reduce costs, be more efficient, increase throughput all at the same time. While investments in new machinery may be costly and risky, investments in the team and resources you’ve already made may have a better results.

The potential benefits of these tools can be significant, we hired production managers from Honda and Toyota who said to expect efficiency increases of 5% to 50% depending on the maturity of the organization. These tools offer a great return at low monthly operational cost.

Have a look at this resource on how to develop a strategy for continuous improvement.