ROI Calculator for Manufacturing Automation Projects

Esprida’s ROI Calculator for Manufacturing Automation Projects provides guidance based on what others have achieved with machine automation technology. For large companies, ROI can be realized over the course of years. But for small to medium sized enterprises, fast ROI is critical to success. The worksheet is a practical reference guide on specific measurable results after implementing manufacturing automation, real-time dashboards and other technology projects:

Hard ROI Scenarios

We want to provide hard, tangible scenarios where your organization will save cash. While there are soft benefits like improved employee collaboration, we want to take an extra step and identify scenarios when that collaboration can result in reduced machine time, reduced operator costs, reduced maintenance costs, etc.

“This ROI guide is one of the most practical that I’ve come across in the industry.”

Operating Partner

ROI Results from Industry Peers

The ROI Calculator is based on analysis from multiple industry sectors to help you can see what industry peers have been able to accomplished with real-time machine monitoring. These scenarios have been reviewed from ex-production managers at Honda and Toyota as well as production managers at small machine shops.


Other Useful Guides

Starting the conversation. If you are familiar with Manufacturing Automation projects from other organizations, but don’t know how to start the conversation with management, we suggest you download and adapt a presentation template for how to start a conversation about continual improvement tools.