Facing COVID-19 and upcoming downturn with kindness

All of us are in the midst of facing the COVID-19 crisis. 

Notices about infection rates, and business closures are becoming the norm.

A large population of people who are sick or vulnerable or travellers who are in self-quarantine.  I also think about the impact on businesses, employees, suppliers and customers alike.  The biggest employer in this country is private businesses, individual owners with personal assets at stake trying to serve customers and pay their employees.

We are falling into a deep recession unlike anything before, and it is going to be tough.  “Even during previous recessions,” noted Ellen Zentner, chief U.S. economist at Morgan Stanley, “no one’s been told you can’t go outside or you can’t gather.”1  It’s tough for individuals who have debts, contractors whose projects have ended abruptly, hourly employees who can’t get hours because businesses are closed, employees with sick parents, people struggling to make mortgage payments.  The manufacturing industry, like many other industries, is going to be hit very hard.

This is an opportunity for you to treat your customers, suppliers and especially your colleagues with kindness. 

The best advice I’ve heard is, let’s face it with kindness.  This is an opportunity for you to treat your customers, suppliers and especially your colleagues with kindness.  Everyone is under pressure; treat others with kindness, the easiest way is to work together, and help each other. 

Here is how we’ve dealt with the COVID virus:  From fairly early, when the news broke we encouraged our employees to first take care of themselves and their loved ones at home.  Second, we are fortunate as a technology company, we made arrangements for people to work from home.  We enacted several policies from our disaster recovery situations: employees are in touch with each other, employees have secure access to files and applications over VPNs, and can run meetings online.  Lastly, we worked with key customers and suppliers and informed them that we are able to continue service of our applications and services.

Stay safe,

Stay healthy,

And persevere.

Sincerely from the entire Esprida family,

Wishing for health and safety for you and those close to you.