Esprida and SkoolLive create the First Nationwide On-campus Digital Signage Experience!

A lifelong innovator, Ed Andrew had plenty of experience as a COO before taking on an IoT Project. Ed and his team at SkoolLive created a digital signage program to help students be better informed about upcoming events, exams and also generate advertising revenue for schools. While they had a great product that helped improve communication within and between schools and their students, they ran into some challenges in the implementation.

Weak networks, kiosk tampering and administrative challenges all made implementation difficult. What’s more, the software systems had to be extremely reliable and efficient since the ability of these machines to generate revenue could be hampered by operational costs. It costs a lot of money to constantly send service technicians on-site to fix issues or ensure kiosks are working, making it hard to manage margins as well.

That’s why Ed turned to Esprida LiveControl to eliminate or automate all the work required on these machines. With our remote monitoring software, problems within the individual kiosks can now be diagnosed and even fixed remotely, removing the need to go on-site or call the school to troubleshoot the issues. Thanks to the features of LiveControl that allow machines and their peripherals to be controlled and monitored in these circumstances, SkoolLive can now comfortably serve their students in these networks. This is just one example of how our digital signage technology is helping improve communications.

Now, SkoolLive can help schools do a better job of communicating important issues and updates to their students.
SkoolLive Press Release

Please read more in our press release located here.

We look forward to helping schools and educators use digital communication to reach their students. Stay tuned for more updates.

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