Does your product stand out? Differentiation in Manufacturing.

We are all facing competitive pressure. To be good, is not enough- you got to be different! – captivating and compelling to stand out in todays crowded marketplace. The number of competitors and number of products on the market is growing quickly in almost every sector. Well, you are not alone; this article will talk about why differentiation is so difficult for manufacturing and strategies on how to improve.

While competition increases, many markets are growing and entirely new markets are also being created. The rewards for standing out, and serving more customers only increases the pressure to stand out. Its not uncommon to see areas where the top 20% of companies serve 80% of all customers, sometimes the ratios are even more skewed.

…Competing on cost
…Competing on Innovation
…Connected Thermostat Breakdown of costs
…Connected Thermostat Value Propositions
…Future Revenue Potential
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