Connecting Microcontrollers to Esprida’s LiveIntersect Cloud with Zerynth

Zerynth is a suite of professional software tools that supports Python or hybrid C/Python firmware development for 32-bit microcontrollers and the most common prototyping and industrial boards(such as ESP32 and ESP8266, Arduino DUE and MKR1000, ST Nucleo, Particle Photon and Electron, Flip&Click, Quail, and more).

Zerynth is designed for rapid integration with sensors, actuators, and cloud services and simplifies the development of embedded and IoT applications, also for non-embedded engineers.

LiveIntersect, provides a complete solution to easily and securely connect, manage, ingest and visualize data from globally dispersed devices and drive real business value from them. It is a highly flexible and robust IoT application enablement platform with a unique architecture that supports rapid deployment, highly secure, and fully customizable User Interface to make Key Performance Indicators visible and actionable in real time.


What does it mean for you?

“We are very excited about this partnership. It enables embedded hardware designers to have one development platform that supports many low-cost microcontrollers quickly and is already connected to the LiveIntersect IoT application enablement platform” says Asad Jobanputra, Director IoT Solutions at Esprida. The Zerynth platform supports virtually all of the major microcontrollers used in Internet of Things connected products. See table below.

Supported Microcontrollers by

Chip Manufacturer Family

Espressif ESP32 (Xtensa lx6)
Espressif ESP32 (Xtensa lx6)
K64      NXP     ARM Cortex M0, M3, M4
NRF52832       Nordic ARM Cortex M4
SAM3X8           Microchip/Atmel        ARM Cortex M3
STM32F103     ST Microelectronics    ARM Cortex M3

“The LiveIntersect cloud is the ideal solution for developers of connected products” says Gabriele Montelisciani.  LiveIntersect natively supports connected product use cases that developers would have to build.  It is the only platform that has a native nested-multi-tenancy security model enabling access controls for manufacturers, distributors, value added resellers, and end customers to access their own devices.  The platform also has native features for a drag ’n’ drop UI development tool, real-time messaging, and big-data analytics.

Benefits of Zerynth and LiveIntersect integration

With this ready-to-go integration between Zerynth and LiveIntersect, firmware developers can now program and connect their devices to the powerful cloud services provided by Esprida in just a few lines of Python.

The Zerynth – LiveIntersect library, provided within the latest version of Zerynth, lets you connect your devices to the LiveIntersect cloud and immediately access functionality for:

  • Asset registration
  • Provisioning
  • Transmit metrics and telemetry data
  • Download and execute commands

Follow this link to get more info about the Zerynth library for LiveIntersect IoT Platform.

Get started today with Zerynth and LiveIntersect

Bring your microcontrollers to life with Python instead of C with Zerynth Studio and manage your devices at scale with the LiveIntersect integration.

To get started download the LiveIntersect agent for Zerynth and follow this tutorial.

To signup for an account on Zerynth & LiveIntersect fill out form below:

Zerynth Tutorial to connect to LiveIntersect

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