Connected-product development cycles are 7X faster compared to traditional methods

The Internet of Things is coming fast (if it hasn’t already) and isn’t waiting for anyone. The challenge is when it will arrive and when should you release your IoT product. Perfecting Products Faster Traditional (physical) product design needs considerable cycle time to collect customer feedback, implement changes, and relaunch the product. It requires customer […]

Does your product stand out? Differentiation in Manufacturing

We are all facing competitive pressure.  To be good, is not enough- you got to be different! – captivating and compelling to stand out in todays crowded marketplace. The number of competitors and number of products on the market is growing quickly in almost every sector.  Well, you are not alone; this article will talk […]

Business Cases for IoT Projects (Video)

Product managers want to take advantage of the latest technology trends.   You can use IoT to make your product more competitive, add supplemental revenue streams, increase product volume, updated products using customer usage data and much more.   Customer demands are changing. Consumers can buy smart products to control their thermostat, lights, door lock, […]