Case Studies

Remote Field Support


Over a million kiosk components were in operation throughout the world without a way of proactively servicing them to avoid downtime & costly repairs.


Software application (agent) was developed for the client, installed on all machines and connected to an on-premise server application to enable remote, proactive support, using condition based monitoring.

Business Value:
  • Remote status monitoring
  • User Analytics
  • Remote field Support
  • Automated Rules
  • Provisioning
  • Reporting




Operational cost

Kodak is the global leader in retail photo kiosks and with the improvements introduced today, we are confident that we will assist the industry in meeting consumer demand while providing retailers with continued growth and profitability.

Nicki Zongrone,

General Manager, Worldwide Kiosk Systems and Services,

and Vice President, Consumer Digital Imaging group, Eastman Kodak Company.

Improving Yield


Farmers want to maximize yields using minimal resources, such as water. Without the use of in-field weather and soil sensors to respond to real-time changes in conditions, they do not have the data to maximize their crop yield.


ConnectedCrops makes it very easy and cost effective for farmers to implement remote sensor technology to monitor weather and soil conditions in real-time with a mobile app. Further, they can turn on alerts so that they are immediately notified if conditions change and action is required.

Business Value:
  • Easy to install
  • Realtime notifications on
  • Easy to connect
  • SMS, phone, and email
  • Easy app to use
  • Track historical data analysis




Operational cost

Rapidly Prototype & Test

Generation 1

Battery powered, wifi

Generation 2

Added Cellular, Solar-power


Customer wanted to build an IoT solution for farmers. They knew which real-time soil & weather sensors they wanted to enable but were not sure which hardware would best suit the application. They wanted to inexpensively try a few different hardware approaches to quickly test with Farmers before finalizing the hardware specification.


The customer relied on Esprida’s Lean IoT Methodology ™ and the configurable Liveintersect IoT platform to rapidly develop an IoT solution using 3 different hardware configurations. Each solution was successfully tested with farmers prior to them selecting the winning IoT hardware solution.

Business Value:
  • Rapid hardware prototyping at minimal cost
  • Tested in real farms
  • Built with minimum cost and waste
  • User validated interface

Product Prototypes

< $50k

Field Testing

< 4 months

Prioritizing features for your first release? Learn more about Lean IoT Methodology


Growing Product Demand


industrial door manufacturer wanted to grow $ sales of loading dock door product line without competing solely on price. Customers wanted an integrated door solution that could help them with the load efficiencies of their Trailers, as well as operational visibility of their trailers being loaded.


IoT sensors were integrated into the dock doors, providing visibility into each trailer. Data from the sensors was wirelessly fed into the backend of any ERP system, where data is captured & combined with existing packaging/ pallet data. All of this data is fed into a dashboard, including load density measurements, trailer fullness, images of loads in progress and number of packages scanned and loaded per hour. The data is fed back to operational staff & managers via mobile devices.

Business Value:
  • Increased product demand
  • Higher brand loyalty
  • Premium pricing
  • Competitive differentiation

Condition Based Monitoring


Customer wanted to quickly and cost effectively test an IoT solution for condition based monitoring before making the decision to invest more resource and time into launching it.


LiveIntersect platform was used to quickly and cost effectively create a beta version to use with a few of its customers and demonstrate at tradeshows to collect feedback.

Business Value:
  • Industrial look and feel to match the user preference
  • Direct customer validation with minimum cost and waste

Saved more than $150K investment

Helpful customer feedback

Hardware As a Service


As a manufacturer of automated pallet loaders, sales have not met expectations. Manufacturer wants to increase sales potential for their pallet loaders by enabling customers to either buy the product or just pay for use. This service option would remove the current high capital cost impediment.


Decision was made add pay for service option that was based upon number of feet travelled within the warehouse – an operations cost, not capital cost. This required that a billing mechanism be added into their current IoT solution and be integrated into AR/ AP systems.

Business Value:
  • Professional neat custom dashboards
  • Statistics and analytics



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