The Internet of Things is changing how you compete, and deliver value.

Like you, many companies are looking for better ways to:

  • increase sales
  • reduce operational costs
  • compete with competitors overseas

  • reduce labor costs
  • improve service levels

Its challenging to do more with less, incremental advancements in product design, operations can only go so far. Growth rates are slowing.

You need more innovative approach that can leverage recent advancements in communication, sensors, cloud-computing, & machine learning.

Tapping into data from your products and equipment reveals new opportunities that you can exploit.

Here are the Top 5 ways of adding value to your customers through networked products.
  • MOBILE APPS – that control a product, often improves the user experience. They also create opportunities for up-selling, improving customer loyalty, and getting user feedback.

  • REMOTE SERVICE features often improve product quality and reliability. Monitoring for problems, and fixing issues remotely is a major differentiator when downtime can have a big impact on overall operation.

  • DATA INTEGRATION – between systems and departments often improves throughput and reliability. Real-time status enables managers to make better, decisions. Systems integration & automation eliminates work and streamlines processes.

  • PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS improves product reliability and sophistication. Predicting failures, replacement parts enable your customers to work smarter.

  • PRODUCT ECO-SYSTEMs often improve your ability to add features for many user segments. Rather than building a specific enhancement, allow users to access machine data and build their own solutions.


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