Industry 4.0 Project Walkthrough at Silicon Halton

Esprida provided a real-life walkthrough of Smart Factory / Industry 4.0 project from needs assessment / business case creation / solution design at Silicon Halton. In this talk, we discussed use cases scenarios for production managers, supervisors and operators, and show cased related software interfaces and hardware sensors used to retrofit onto old manufacturing equipment. […]

User Experience Connected Product 101: Define your users

User-centered design practices are an effective method to design products. But who exactly are the users of your connected product? Usually, there are many more users of your product than what you typically think of in a first pass. This article provides a method to systematically identify all the users you need to think about […]

Connected-product development cycles are 7X faster compared to traditional methods

The Internet of Things is coming fast (if it hasn’t already) and isn’t waiting for anyone. The challenge is when it will arrive and when should you release your IoT product. Perfecting Products Faster Traditional (physical) product design needs considerable cycle time to collect customer feedback, implement changes, and relaunch the product. It requires customer […]