Are Businesses Doing Enough to Protect their Networks?

Whether you’re a business owner, an IT manager, or executive, one of the main issues constantly being identified as a cause for concern has always been security. Business networks are constantly exposed to hackers, viruses, password attacks, and various other cyber crimes. Therefore, it is important that businesses take steps towards ensuring that their networks are protected.

As more companies begin to shift focus towards networks to operating their business, the need for remote management will become increasingly important. The threat of network intrusions and downtime can prove to be detrimental to businesses both short term and in the long run, costing companies thousands (if not millions) of dollars in revenue and jeopardizing productivity along the way.

Below is a list of several ways Remote Management can help protect your business network:

Remote Management Can Proactively Diagnose & Resolve Problems. Remote management allows businesses to automatically detect problems before they arise. Some remote management software will even allow administers to repair problems remotely.

Remote Management Can Help Reduce Downtime. Remote Management software such as Esprida LiveControl™ provide automatic alert capabilities which enable IT staff to be immediately notified of problems before it becomes a critical issue. Remote management monitors activity 24/7, allowing any issues to be proactively resolved with minimal latency, thus reducing downtime.

Remote Management Can Help Improve Network Performance.  Remote management can help administrators consolidate threats, reports, and security monitoring through a single web-based interface. This will dramatically reduce IT administration time and free up time for other tasks.

Remote Management Can Generate Security Reports on Demand. Remote management software encompasses the ability to generate device and network reports on demand – enabling administrators to manage both their networks and devices without hiring outside consultants.

Remote Management Can Help Improve Asset and Inventory Management

By implementing an asset and inventory management program, businesses can gain greater control and efficiencies with their hardware and software assets.  This type of solution will allow a business to manage their specific assets, track their location to ensure the assets are not missing or stolen and, ensure upgrades and system deployments run effectively.

The harsh reality is network outages do happen, however by implementing remote management tools, businesses are able to take steps towards minimizing the likelihood of these outages and provide the IT support necessary to oversee their networks and drastically reducing unwanted downtime.


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