Anila Jobanputra, President & Founder Esprida; Featured in Connected World Magazine ‘Salutes the Women of M2M’

In the latest Apr/ May 2013 issue of Connected World Magazine’s ‘Women of M2M’, it has featured Anila Jobanputra; President & Founder of Esprida Corporation as one of the most successful female leaders involved in technology. Connected World magazine announced its inaugural list of females involved in technology, in order to be recognized for its annual list for Women of M2M. A ceremony was held to honour these women at Joe’s Seafood and Prime Steak in Chicago, Ill.

Connected World is the business and technology publication that provides the intelligence industry titans need and the guidance consumers crave. The article talks about the critical role women are playing in driving the global economy with technology innovations. Out of actual 47%  of the women in workplace today, only 25% represent technology industry. These females represent their true spirit, vision and determination towards the growth of M2M technology. All these women have shown tremendous success in driving innovation forward.