How It Works

Esprida LiveControl™ is a scalable and secured endpoint device management platform that provides real-time monitoring, support, software updates and analysis. Virtually any endpoint device (computer, tablet, mobile device, POS, and embedded computer) can be connected to a central platform.

Remote Desktop

Administrators can remotely control the mouse, keyboard and video input/output of any end-point devices using VNC and remote console.
  • View multiple devices from a centralized location.
  • Display LIVE detailed device information.
  • Firewall friendly

Offline Rule

Kiosks need to be online to remotely manage them efficiently. With Esprida LiveControl you can automatically initiate actions to:
  • Rebuild the network connection when its lost,
  • Restart applications, and
  • Reboot the computer
  • Notify your helpdesk

Manage Peripherals

Peripherals are essential to ensure kiosks are working correctly. Use Esprida LiveControl to actively monitor status of:
  • Bill acceptors
  • Any USB devices
  • Receipt printers
  • Barcode scanners
  • credit card readers
  • APIs are available for specialty devices

Status Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility over your devices with our smart device monitoring. Administrators can remotely view comprehensive information about all aspects of a device's status and operation.
  • Monitor the running software applications that your customers interact with
  • Monitor connected USB peripherals like touchscreens, keyboards, and card readers
  • Monitor basic system components like network connection, hard disk space, and memory usage

Proactive Rules

Provides the tools needed to help detect, diagnose, and rectify devices issues form a remote location, so that you respond proactively to incidents, before your customers are aware an issue exists.
  • Self-healing routines automatically fix problems, even if the network is offline
  • Receive  notifications when failures are detected
  • Remotely diagnose issues using current or past health and status data

Software Distribution and Updates

Update price lists, videos, images, and application software on a one-to-many basis. Schedules application changes, content updates, and devices configurations with customizable content packages.
  • Schedules updates to groups of kiosks  based hardware, software version, location, or any other attribute tracked by the system.
  • Customize installation, activation, deactivation, and un-installation procedures
  • Get a list of which kiosks have successfully received and installed the updates, which are in progress, and any that fail to properly install.

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