Modern, Complete, and Powerful

Deliver innovative solutions with the only modern and complete platform designed from the ground up for the Internet of Things.
  • Built with the latest in enterprise, scalable tools, framworks.
  • Complete development and runtime platform for building sophisticated Internet of Things and M2M applications.
  • Includes all necessary functionality required to get your solution to market quickly and easily.

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Millions of smart devices simultaneously communicate worldwide within a secure cloud-based platform. With more and more added each day. We connect and control over 200,000 endpoint devices today.

Develop and Deploy 10x Faster

The Esprida platform accelerates IoT application development by compressing the design-develop-deploy cycle -reducing time to market and spurring innovation. Development have the choice to create native applications. Using their preferred compiler / IDE to create applications using a specific application framework or platform technology / Java EE Application server or OSGI.

Big Data

We make a cloud service that makes it very easy for people to collect and analyze their data without worrying about managing a complex infrastructure. Collecting long-rang time-series sensor data is essential to implement predicative analytics and in depth.

Connect Everything

Our flexible connectivity model allows you to connect to a wide range of devices, embedded boards, and third party applications.

Deploy As You Like

Cloud, On -Premise, or Embedded - Esprida lets you deploy exactly the way you want to fit the needs of any scenario. You aren't tied to Amazon, or Linnode, or private.


Security is paramount for the safe and reliable operation of IoT connected devices. It is, in fact, the foundational enable of our platform. All data communication pipelines are evaluated for encryption, vulnerabilities of the device and vulnerabilities of the cloud services.

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