Browser Lockdown Features

Control what pages and websites your users can access using the built in navigation whitelist. Specify an entire domain or subdomains using explicit and/or wildcard values.

Protect User Data Between Sessions

Rest easy that the data your users enter into the web application is cleared before the next user begins using the iPad. This includes, cookies, caches and text fields.

Block Access to External Applications

Web links containing dates, addresses, email addresses, and web links are blocked from launching their corresponding applications.

Hide/Show URL Field and/or Navigation Tool Bar

The URL field can be shown or hidden. When shown, users will have the ability to enter the URL they wish to browse to. The navigation bar allows you to block the Back, Forward, Stop and Refresh navigation options.

Configurable Idle User Session Time-out

When a user walks away from the iPad, the application automatically times out, clears the session and returns back to the start page, ready for the next user.

Remote Management Features

Using Esprida LiveControl, the same Server technology that powers the world’s largest self-service device deployment, a wide range of features allow administrators the ability to remotely configure and manage hundreds or thousands of iPads using a web-accessible computer or smart phone.

Asset Location Tracking

Using the iPads built in GPS and AGPS technology, track the geographic location of your devices. Furthermore, access this data visually using the built in Google Maps.

Remote Configuration Management

Remotely configure all the browser lockdown features from one web portal, Esprida LiveControl.

Remote Application Management

Need to push out a new web application to all your iPads? Simply update the start page using Esprida LiveControl and all your iPads will begins displaying the new application.