Our mission is to connect every device.

How we plan changing the world:

We believe the world is a better place if we can get machines to communicate to each other. The fact that equipment in your office/factory/store doesn’t talk to your ERP, scheduling systems, and database systems creates waste, unnecessary work, and extra cost.

We started connecting embedded devices before IoT was a ‘thing’. Since 2001, we’ve connected over 250,000 things of all sorts of shapes and sizes. We are continuously focused on connecting smaller devices, faster communications, and systems integration. Our customers will tell you our people are extraordinary and our technology exceptional.

We work hard to drive our customers’ success.

What does Esprida do?

Esprida is an industry leader in remote management software for specialized embedded equipment; which has recently been popularized the buzzwords Machine to Machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT). We provide a software platform that can centrally manage and control machines like digital displays, photo kiosks, automated retail dispensing machines, environmental control systems, etc. Our platform helps companies know what’s going on with the machine (status monitoring), fix them remotely (proactive rules & notifications), update them remotely (software distribution) and analyze (reporting and analytics) whatever data they produce. We often work with manufacturers who are trying to create a remote service program, and also work with end-users who manage lots of machines to gather data and manage them better. Businesses use Esprida software to speed deployment, improve the customer experience and lower their total cost of operation.

Why would companies connect devices to the internet?

We work with innovative companies who look at the world a bit differently. For example, is a toothbrush just a toothbrush? We like to make devices smart, so that a tooth brush can tell you how well your kids brush their teeth, or allow your dentist to monitor your teeth. The goal isn’t just to make devices ‘smart’, the goal is to create recurring revenue streams, increase efficiencies, and eliminate paperwork.

We ain’t no startup!

Esprida has been around a long time, since 2002. We have worked with OEM Manufacturers rebranded the platform under their own name and embedded our platform as part of a service program or warranty program. If you’re in retail or digital signage, there’s a good chance you’re already using Esprida LiveControl.

Our Team

  • Anila Jobanputra

    Anila Jobanputra

    President & Founder

    In 2002, recognizing a unique opportunity in the self-service market, Anila founded Esprida. Since its inception, she has served as its President and maintained a strong role in both product direction as well as operational and business management.

    Prior to founding Esprida, Anila founded Business Management Services in 1987, providing financial process consulting and implementation of Computer Associates ACCPAC Financial Solutions for some of the largest enterprises in the U.S. and Canada, including Prudential America, Rolls-Royce, and Bank of Montreal.

  • Rupi Badwal Esq.

    Rupi Badwal Esq.

    Director, Business & Legal Affairs/Corporate–Alliance Director

    Rupi joined Esprida in 2005 to manage the business affairs and legal aspects of the Company and holds a J.D. from New York Law School and is a member of the Bar in Ontario, Canada. He also holds the role of Corporate – Alliance Director, and is responsible for managing and fostering partner relationships that are strategic to the company’s direction.

    Prior to joining Esprida, Rupi spent eight years as in-house counsel at two publicly-traded technology companies offering products and services to the financial services market, working with clients such as the Bank of New York, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Canada, Prudential Insurance Company of America, Deutsche Bank, AMVESCAP PLC, Barclays Global Investors, NEC, CheckFree Corporation, and many other large Fortune 500 companies.

    Prior to practicing law, he spent several years as an IT consultant, providing services to small and medium size businesses.

  • Asad Jobanputra

    Asad Jobanputra

    Director of Technology

    Asad joined Esprida in 2003, and is responsible for directing the overall product strategy and vision in addition to managing the design and implementation of software solutions.

    As one of the founding architects of Catapult, a precursor to Esprida LiveControl, he has played a primary role in transforming the company’s product and vision for the self-service market and its expansion into the Machine to Machine (M2M) market.

    Asad holds a BSc. in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and MBA from Cornell University.

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