The Importance of Temperature Alerts in Agriculture

For years, farmers and other agricultural managers have wanted real time temperature alerts in particular areas of their fields. Every farm is different with its own unique terrain, meaning each farm is impacted differently by the weather. Temperature...
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Solutions to the Challenges of Agricultural Weather Sensors

Using weather sensors on a farm comes with a lot of benefits, but there are challenges in their implementation as well. Not to worry, as we have your solutions. Here are some things to be mindful of when installing weather sensors, and what you can do...
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Exciting new content features among many enhancements in Esprida LiveControl 7.8

Esprida is proud to announce the newest release of its flagship Internet of Things platform, Esprida LiveControl 7.8. It includes many new features in software distribution, mapping, search and agent modules. “We made some big wins in the Software...
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Outsmart Your Boss: Take Advantage of Predictive Maintenance

Many companies are using predictive maintenance for their machines, switching from preventive maintenance. Predictive maintenance offers cost savings over preventative maintenance, as well as greater operational efficiency and less downtime. How do these...
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Reasons why your Business should be considering IoT technologies.

  We’ve all heard the term M2M by now, and often referred to interchangeably with the term “Internet of Things” which refers to connecting everything – people, objects, machines – to the Internet and is only the tipping point for what’s...
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