Reduce Maintenance Costs with Proactive Self-Healing

Proactively diagnose and repair devices remotely without having to dispatch technicians.

Deliver More Business Value with Increased Uptime

A scalable solution that is capable of supporting and managing multiple digital signage displays.

Reduce On-Site Travel Costs with Remote Repair

Reduce service calls to technicians with instant alerts and notifications to fix and address problems instantly.

Keep Your Customers Connected with the Internet of Things

Build Smart Systems Quantify Smart Opportunities

Connect your devices to your CRM system, your field service team, customer’s smartphones quickly by using a scalable, end-to-end platform.

Create recurring revenue streams, and closer relationships with the end user. A $ 150 smart tooth brush that tracks brushing habits helps parents and dentists prevent cavities, reward children, reduce dental costs.

Accelerate Smart Innovations Smart Application Assembly

Build a more open participative model. Leapfrog the market noise and clutter. Enable your community of customers, partners, distributors to create richer experiences and high value services. Smart TV manufacturers  enable others to add personalized services.

Move from traditional application development to application assembly rapid integration using Esprida IoT modules; connectivity, self-healing, software updates, data gathering predicative analytics and pay per use.


  • Testimonial

    M2M is an enabling technology that can be implemented across an almost limitless range of markets and we are privileged to be working with an industry leader like Esprida on this unique M2M endpoint management software platform

  • Testimonial

    The Esprida Remote Management Business Solution extends our industry leading capabilities, allowing us to offer a more adaptable, scalable, comprehensive solution than ever before.

  • Testimonial

    The integration of the Esprida LiveControl endpoint device management solution provides our customers with a ready-to-use toolset to significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency in the management of their deployment devices